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Prayter - christian microblogging for praying people, online already. Join Today!

Prayter - microblogging for prayers, friends and family. Each Prayter is 140 characters in length, that's enough to share your thoughts, Bible verses, prayer needs, praises and encouragement with people you trust and know. Be part of the home, church praying groups and support each other on daily basis. Prayter is the simple way to pray with/for people you care about.

Prayter is a great online tool for:

  • Share your prayer needs with family, friends and church members
  • Pray for people and their particular needs
  • Pray in groups (church groups, home groups or ministry groups)
  • See who prayed for your requests and more …

Prayter is social networking website for Christian people from all over the world. It’s a fun way to interact with people and support each other in prayer. In private or public groups you can share you prayer needs with your community.

Why Prayter?

There are many great social networking websites and tools, why do we need prayter? We think it's a great way to share prayer requests and thoughts. When you want to pray for a person in your group or maybe even a random one, you can use Prayter to find their prayer request. Instead of Like button we have I Pray button. By clicking the I pray button, you're letting the person know that you prayed for him or her. You can pick the prayer type, basic or urgent, if you make your prayer urgent your followers get an e-mail notification (be careful and don't be a spammer).

  • Create your personal Prayter account and start to pray.
  • Remember that you can create as many groups as you want. There are 3 types of groups: public, private and hidden. More information about groups is available on the creating group page.
  • Invite your friends by email or use your Facebook friends list. In that case you have to connect your Facebook account with Prayter.
  • Put the Prayter button near your Facebook and Twitter buttons on your website. Help us spread the word about Prayter.
  • Remember that Prayter is absolutely free (add free platform). Prayter developed by Christian people who are involved in ministry and web development. We used time and our own resources and skills to build website. Any donations to projects are welcome.

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