Do you have questions about Prayter website? Read FAQ to find answers.


What is Prayter?

Prayter is your praying wall where you can share your prayer needs (called prayters), thoughts and encouragements with people you know and trust. It's a microblogging for Christian people and communities. Prayter is a short instant message that can content 140 characters maximum.

Is Prayter for Christians only?

Yes, Prayter is built by Christian developers for people who believe and follow Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We have respect for all religions and people but want this to be a place for Christian fellowship only.Please don't be offended but Prayter is a platform for Jesus Christ followers.

How does Prayter search works?

You can search for public Prayters, groups and users. Hidden groups and private prayters are excluded from the search.

What about privacy?

All Prayter profiles are not public by default, but you can setup your profile and group as public. Remember if you set your profile as public it will be visible to Prayter users and entire internet. Private profile information is visible to your followers only. We do not recommend you to bring strangers to your praying circle, have a fellowship with people you trust and know very well.

How to switch website language? What languages does Prayter website have?

In the bottom part of the site (in the right corner) there is a language menu. You can select the language you want. At the moment, the site supports 5 languages: English, German, Armenian, Russian and Ukrainian. If you want to translate Prayter website on your language, please contact us at this e-mail

How can I delete my account from Prayter?

If you want to delete your account on the Prayter website, please contact us by email. Send us your Prayter user name and email address. Sorry, we don't have delete account function on the website at the moment.

Prayters and buttons

What's urgent Prayter and how does it work?

Urgent prayter is important message that immediately delivers to your praying friends to emails (Very soon to mobile devices). Urgent Prayter is highlighted in blue background color and you can easily notice it among other prayters on your praying wall.

What's the I pray button?

When you click on I pray button you let your friend know that you prayed for that specific prayer need. Your friend gets an email notification about it.

What's the Got Answer button?

When the Lord answered your prayer request click on Got Answer button. People who prayed for that specific need will be notified by email.


How to create a group?

Go to My groups (on main top menu). Click on create group button. Fill out the application form: group name, group url, group description, set privacy, user group access, upload group logo. That's it.

Groups types

Public - visible for everyone and good if you want to create a public group to people join you in prayer.

Private - you should be accepted by group administrator, such a group type will work well for ministries, organizations, churches.

Hidden - group which is not visible in search and you can be invited to group by administrator, that group is great for groups of people who want to pray for something and not be visible for others.

How to delete group?

Only the group admin can delete the group. Please go to group home page, on the right side menu you can see delete group link. If you have members in the group you can't delete group, but you can leave group and pass admin right to other group member. If you want totally delete group, ask your group members to leave group. Once there is no any group member you can delete group. If you have the problems with group deletion please contact us and we will help you.

How to leave group?

Go to My groups page and click leave group link on the group you want to leave. You can also find leave group button on the group home page. If you are a group admin, you can also leave your group, but you have to pass your admin rights to another group member.

How to pass admin rights to another group member?

You can pass admin rights to existing group member only. Go to Group home page , click on Pass admin rights or leave group link and pick the group member and click on Pass rights link. That user will get an email notification that you made him a group admin.

Facebook and Twitter integration

How does Facebook integration work on Prayter?

1. Publish your prayters to Facebook. But we don't recommend you post your private prayters on Facebook wall, sensitive prayters should remain on Prayter website only.
2. You can invite your Facebook friends to join you on Prayter . You can see your Facebook friends list on invite page. If you don't see the list, it means that you did not connect Facebook with Prayter yet.

How does Twitter integration work on Prayter?

You can publish your prayters to Twitter.

How can I connect Facebook and Twitter to my Prayter account?

That's very simple. Please go to settings page, click on Streams tab and click on Facebook connect and Twitter connect buttons. You will be redirected to Facebook and Twitter websites, complete the connection process. Once you finished connection you will be redirected back to Prayter website. That's it!

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