Read what people say about Prayter. Please let us know if you want to share here too.

Our small home group meets once in a week for fellowshipping and prayer. However that is not enough for us. We would like to spend more time together in praying and sharing, but can't meet more than once or twice a week. That is why Prayter is the great place for us to be in touch the whole week. - Anna.

Prayter helps me to pray for others people. That provides me an information of my firends needs and how I can pray for them. - Anonymous

I am busy man and I have not much time for e-mailing to my friends or spend much time in social networks. However I love my friends and really want to paticipaite in their spiritual life. Prayter is the esiest instrument for me to know about my friends needs and important events in their lifes. - Sergye (businessman).

I am a missionary. Sometimes I am sending my long news letters to my family, friends and to all who support me in my ministry. Usually it takes too much time. But now I can share my praying requests and needs so quickly and briefly with everyone. Thanks Prayter. - John.

I can not write open everything to my friends in social networks. That is why I use Prayter where I can post privite information only for people whom I trust. I think that is a cool idea to have christian people to have own place in internet to have a fellowship. - Dmitry

I love the idea of praying wall. People can post their prayers and see how God responds on their needs. It's simply awesome - Max.

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